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A rather new looking Regal Cinema built in 1937 - The two films being advertised - San Francisco starring Clark Gable, Jeanette MacDonald and Spencer Tracy and Kelly the Second  were both released in 1936. The Regal was closed in 1959 and converted to a panel beating factory not long after.

Arthur Stratford was cinema manager at the Regal for many years and lived in the house next door.

Previously the Stonehouse Regal cinema was converted from the old church hall in the Laburnum and opened in 1933 but was destroyed by fire in September 1936.

The old Regal Cinema - where the new Bridge Garage stands now.

The Old Regal Cinema in Gloucester Road

Demolishing the Regal Cinema in the late 1980’s, it had been a panel beating company for many years. In the photograph on the left you can see where Arthur Stratford lived who was the Manager of the cinema.

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