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The Stonehouse to Nailsworth Branch Railway

Today little is seen of this Railway line and only local people of an age over 50 will remember its existence. But it was a great little railway line serving the locals very well, running from Stonehouse Midland Road to Dudbridge junction and then on to Nailsworth.

The first sod was cut with great ceremony on Monday February 22nd 1864 after a procession to the gay sounds of the bands proceeded from the subscription rooms to the scene of the ceremony in a field close by. There is a poster in Stroud museum announcing the opening ceremony, Mr E Horseman MP was the official performing the turning of the first sod with a silver shovel.

Dudbridge Station - this was positioned where the Sainsbury’s roundabout now stands.

Ryeford Station - this was positioned  where the Ryeford - Leonard Stanley road traffic lights now stand.

Stonehouse Station - This was positioned between the Park Estate and what is now Court View estate

Stonehouse Station - derelict and forgotten circa 1966.

Here is a photograph of the silver shovel used by Mr Horseman and subsequently presented to him, it is now on show at the Stroud Museum in the Park.

Stonehouse around 1900 showing the branch railway line.                                             Present day with no real trace of the line.