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How we celebrated the victory!

When you next walk past the Globe Inn be sure to notice the patch of Green that cost the Parish Council £436.10s.5d in the summer of 1899, to beat a claim of ownership from the inn’s landlord. The Council was determined to have the rights to the Greens along the High Street and put up a notice board informing the landlord that he would have to pay to hold fairs and shows outside his inn.

The landlord was angry and removed the Council’s board whereupon the council retaliated by sending men to take down the Globe’s signpost. The whole matter was referred to the Court at Gloucester and after a long trial, the landlord could not prove he owned the land and so the Parish Council won the case.

The people of Stonehouse greatly enjoyed the fuss and many travelled to Gloucester to see the case. When the victory was announced, all the village turned out to celebrate by drinking and dancing outside the Globe. The Town Band was sent for and played for hours while a coach load of high-spirited ladies from Gloucester amused the crowd with their dancing. Somebody wanted to light a bonfire and nearly set fire to the jubilee cowcribs but was persuaded that the Lord of the Manor wouldn’t like it!

So they all followed the band down the street to the Crown and Anchor where more large jugs of ale were brought out. A victory for the people – even if it cost £400 to get the Globe to pay 6d a year to put their signpost up! The big question … is the Globe still paying 6d a year, and if not, maybe the Council should take them to court!

The Globe Inn and the Green

The Globe Inn and the Green

There was a barn there in the 1600’s. The barn was re-thatched in 1745.

The present building was put up in 1806. It was where the fairs were put on with the green in front. Possibly the Globe was built for a permanent building for the fair days. It is on record as an inn in 1812.

In about 1896 the Parish Council decided to enforce its authority over the greens and roadside wastes by creating a Greens Committee. In 1898 they erected a notice board stating that permission had to be obtained from the Council for use of the greens.  

The landlord of the Globe Inn, Mr Pickard, was in the habit of allowing fairs and booths to use the green in front of his pub. He objected to the council’s board and removed it. The council duly removed the pub’s sign post and board.

A court case was brought to prove that the land belonged to the public, represented by the Parish Council, and not owned by the Globe Inn. As the land was not included in the Title Deeds for the Globe Inn, the case was won by the council and secured the Green for public use. The landlord of the Globe was allowed to erect his signpost for 6d a year and permission had to be obtained from the Greens Committee for fairs and shows to be held.

A winters day in the High Street circa 1930’s with the Globe on the left. Interestingly they had pot holes then too.

The memorial and green with the Globe in the background 1925.

With a nice old Burton’s delivery van in front of the Crown & Anchor to the right.

The memorial and green with the Globe in the background also 1925.

More photographs of the Globe.